25 to FOUR in 4 episodes???

This is sure to be the shortest season of The Bachelor in history. After knocking out four contestants yesterday, 2 more than initially slated, Jake continues to kick ass and take names. And guess what? I’m really starting to like the guy. Unlike Ali, who claims to ever so unselfishly “respect” Jakes decision to let additional girls go, I actually do give him credit. Unlike his predecessors, Jake isn’t keeping ladies around that he doesn’t like just for a shot at them in the infamous “Fantasy Suite” (perhaps a lesson learned from Ed and his “equipment” problems with Jillian last season?). He isn’t groping them in the hot tub (which I know is normally reserved for a bit later in the season, but we would have seen clips) and he seems to know what he doesn’t want…But does he know what he wants?

I theorize that he will pick no one, but as of last night, I see Ali as the front runner. I personally think she is a b*tch, consumed with trashing other contestants, but he seems to have interesting taste. It’s the way he looks at her. Jake has a look that he gives to the girls he is really into and he also has the look he gives that immediately lets everyone know that girl is in the red zone. He gave the evil eye to Ashleigh last night and also to Jessie, who you knew was gone when she ratted out Vienna and Jake said she was a good “friend” for passing along the info.

Also, is it just me or did they spend an entire hour of the two hour episode trashing Vienna? COME ON ladies. Are you jealous she is 23? That her daddy buys her cars? That she isn’t locked up due to her driving record? They should get over it, she is not going to win. Jake, who has mentioned a few times that he is in to his “faith”, is not going to pick a chick who is only 23 and has been engaged twice, married once and divorced once. Nor will someone making such claims ever pick a single mom (peace out Ella) or a divorcee (you are cute Tenley but good luck). The ladies also need to realize that it makes them look AWFUL when they run to Jake and tell them Vienna is bad news bears and they are only telling him because they are looking out for him…Yeah right ladies! Men are NEVER into hearing ladies they like trash others behind their backs. Your friends may love to hear this, men don’t, so they need to take my advice and shut their mouths until they are married to Jake and looking back at this and laughing.

I personally like Gia at this point and think she has good intentions, although she really needs more collagen and botox for a shot at Jakes heart :-).

As a final note, since I was on “maternity leave” when Michelle got 86’d, please take a look of this “You Tube” clip of her on Ellen trying to act like the most normal person on earth, and blaming her case of the Jeffrey Dahmers on editing….