Ashley Wirkus’ One Shoulder Black Dress

Summer House Season 2 Reunion Watch What Happens Live April 3, 2018

I’m sure who the winning twin was, but Ashley Wirkus’ one shoulder black dress was simple perfection. Both girls went for a more sophisticated look than usual. I always count on them brining boho chic, matchy stripes or patterns, but tonight they donned my most favorite suit of all: the LBD.

Their bodies are insane, their hair is like a Barbie, and the are strong women with lots of opinions. Like, lots of opinions. Ashley’s back story is so interesting. She is inseparable from her twin, yet she fell in love with her husband freshman year of college, and the stars somehow aligned that they are extremely independent and seem to foster that in a healthy way. Lauren is clearly searching for that but I have a feeling it will be hard to find such a patient man with those two!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Ashley Wirkus' One Shoulder Black Dress

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