Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a crazy mom/pregnancy blog, BUT when my styling idol has her baby AND there is a sale like this all in ONE DAY I can’t leave my readers in the dark.

Check out’s article It’s A Boy For Rachel Zoe and learn more about Zoe’s baby Skyler Morrison Berman! We can all thank BBHB reader Liz Beneshek for getting the news on this one while it’s hot! More to follow on this baby boy’s sure-to-be BAH-NANAS style.

While Zoe won’t be needing these any longer, today Gilt Group is running an INSANE SALE  on Rock & Republic maternity jeans. I’m talking $80 for jeans that are $268 in store, less than A THIRD of the regular retail price. If you’re like me, pregnancy will make you feel about as uncool as Chris Brown at a women’s rights rally, but with a pair or stylish jeans you can at least let the world knows there’s a stylish diva in there somewhere!