Since this is The Big Blonde Hair Blog, you’d expect that I’d occasionally mention hair…Especially since I have a lot of it…And since it isn’t all mine I’ve got to take extra special care of it! Those of you who know me know that my life revolves around saving money for my coveted hair extensions. This often means finding other places to save! Here are my favorite on-the-cheap hair products that can be seen on my bathroom shelves…Ok they’re totally strewn all over the counter…But only because I use them SO often!

Babyliss Pro 1-1/4 $19.99

Everyone needs a phenominal ceramic curling iron, and this is it! Throw that old one away, this is a great product to give you the waves you want. It was recommended to me by someone in the industry and it was advice I’m glad I took!

One’n’Only Argan Oil Hydrating Mask $9.49

instead of Moroccan Oil Mask $30.00

Everyone who knows hair knows that Argan Oil has been a big trend in hair hydrating care. You’ve seen the bright blue Moroccan Oil box, and if you’re like me, you’ve pryed $30+ dollars out of your wallet to buy the products, composed primarily of Aragan Oil. Try the product line, also made of Argan Oil. above for a similar effect without breaking the bank.

Jilbere de Paris Porcelain Series Hair Dryer $43.99

Some people spend $200+ on ceramic hairdryers, get yours for under $50. This product was recommended to me by Natalie Gil from Exsalonce Salon & Spa in Chicago. For an appointment with Natalie call 773.327.4848. 


Biotera Dry Shampoo $9.99

instead of Blow Faux Dry Shampoo $20.00

I die for this! This is by far my favorite, can’t live without, hair product. I cannot even tell you how many days of hair washing this has saved me…Gross, but true! Sprinkle this stuff on greasy hair and the grease vanishes and you have volume and clean hair. Sorry Brunettes, the powder is white, so it will leave your hair with an ashy, grey look. You can try a dry shampoo specifically for Brunettes, but I haven’t tested it out. Just stay away from the sprays, they don’t work as well.

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray $13.99

I’ve raved about this before, but as someone who never leaves the house without using hairspray (I’m serious), this stuff is ah-may-zing! It’s not totally cheap, but worth the splurge. I’m originally from Detroit, and if there’s one thing Michigan girls know it’s how to tease and spray some hair! Check out my full article on the spray and why it’s worth it from, if you didn’t back in December.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo $8.29

This shampoo brightens and refreshens blonde and silver color (this one’s for you too, granny), getting rid of brasiness that can often develop with dyed blonde hair. No, it’s not sulfate free, but I swear by it to keep my hair looking blonde, not orange. I’ve paid big bucks for Pureology color safe shampoos, which I like, but this keeps me blonder and happy!


Another way to save? Pay $5 to sign up for the Sally Beauty Club Card and get special pricing on Non-Sale items and other exclusive deals. I paid my fee back by buying 3 of the above items on my first visit after sign up. Sally’s may not be thought of as chic and cool, but it’s a must visit for a girl on a budget who wants good product!