Bethenny Frankel’s Reunion Lipstick and Makeup Products

August 29, 2017-

By Sally Steele

Bethenny Frankel’s Reunion Lipstick and Makeup Products

Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Reunion Makeup

Bethenny Frankel’s reunion lipstick and makeup products info is here! Who else but Bethenny would share an insanely talented makeup artist with the Mariah Carey other than our favorite Skinnygirl? In fact, both have been on Watch What Happens Live as solo guests, with one being super early and one being super late. Although I don’t see an WWHL with both of them going over well—lots of personality in one room, and you know we’d secretly be cheering for Bethenny the whole time. Seriously though, this guy is no joke—he has also done Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, Kelly Ripa, Jessica Chastain, Faith Hill, Christina Aguilera, Gabrielle Union… ummmm…. need we say more??

Her makeup artist is clearly incredibly successful, talented, and even has his own line. Bethenny’s lip service was softened with her lipstick shade. For info on her lips and to shop his other products, like foundation and mascara, keep reading below!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Bethenny Frankel's Reunion Lipstick and Makeup Products

Click Here to Shop Bethenny’s Kristofer Buckle Lipstick in ‘Bardot’

Photo and Info Credit is Bethenny’s Makeup Artist: Kristofer Buckle Instagram

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  1. Housewives Fan says

    First — holy crap, what happened to Jill Bauer on QVC?? I barely recognize her.

    I’ve seen Buckle do a great job on Bethenny here and there (the day she promoted SG Candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar, when she wore the red wig, was outstanding) but I’d never spend this much for his makeup, or any makeup. We’re lucky to have so many great color and formula options now at drugstores, and you don’t need to spend $40 for a lipstick.

    I wish the matte trend with lips would just go away already. I don’t know who finds this attractive to look at, and I don’t want to wear anything that sucks every bit of moisture out of my lips and makes them feel like cement. I’ve had enough experience with this that I feel anyone who claims lip color is going to stay on forever and still be moisturizing is telling me a fiction; anything that remains is going to be a mere color stain on the skin. I also don’t think it’s a problem that lipstick or gloss wears off your face after eating or drinking; I don’t want it to be stuck there forever like spackle. I like to change things up, and don’t want to have to sandblast off my lipstick, or soak off gel nails for 2 hours.

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