Few things in life are always true, but there are two things I can count on as a Celebrity Style Blogger; Everyone has a personal opinon on fashion and everyone has their opinions about the Kardashians. And one thing can cannot be denied; when the two are combined, the Kardashian Krew has style. A distinct style that can be replicated for less with the help of a fashion-forward expert, which is where London retailer Lipsy comes in to play.

Although we love style in the US, undeniably UK retailers are often a bit ahead of those in America (especially in the mid-price range), which is why I love shopping on sites like Lipsy. When I first discovered and fell in love with Lipsy back in 2010 (I fell in love with their Lipsy Ruched Shoulder Mac – Blog Post here) I knew this site was something special, and over the past 4 years they’ve made shipping and shopping in the US even more accessible.

It was only a matter of time that the fashionable Kardashians and Lispy found eachother, and they’ve made an easy to mix and match collection with pieces that can be easily interchanged for a variety of chic looks. In fact, it would be hard to put two pieces together in this collection and have them not look on point!
Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy

Above, I created one of my favorite Kardashian inspired looks with their 1)Kardashian Chain Cami 2) Kardashian Animal Print Zip Pencil Skirt 3)Kardashian Peplum Jacket 4)Kardashian Studded Purse 5) Kardashian Large Gem Ring 6) Kardashian Pave Hoop Earrings

In addition to the fact that I love the styling ease of the pieces in the collection, I love also that the pieces are wearble by all different body types and accessible to all different widths of pocketbooks. Any of these pieces can be worn together or with other pieces in your closet (wear the jacket with anything, the cami with jeans or a black leather legging, the skirt with a button down blouse and so on…).

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