Blonde vs Brunette: Favorite Mascara

May 27, 2017-

By Sally Steele

Some famed rivalries are seemingly tales as old as time. The Montagues vs The Capulets. Coke vs Pepsi. Erika vs Dorit. And finally, Sally’s favorite mascara vs Lauren’s favorite mascara. And in truth, today with Nordstrom’s buy three mascara’s get one free promo, you can try them all and more!

Blonde vs Brunette: Favorite Mascara

The Blonde Says:

Disclaimer: If you like a more natural look, my recommendation might not be for you.

As a girl who first met her hubs when he said “You’d be really pretty if you weren’t wearing so much eye makeup” (cough, d*ck.) and ultimately had him eating out of the palm of her hand, I think I’ve got this eye bold eye makeup thing on lock, and it all starts with a good mascara. If there’s one thing I don’t leave the house without, it’s a swipe of the good stuff. As a pale person with lighter lashes, I look sooooo tired if I don’t wear any, so it’s one of the most important makeup items in my bag.

Although I love the insanely dramatic look of massive and blatantly fake faux lashes—and was definitely referred to as a drag queen on an occasion or two back in the day due to my height and excessive eye makeup (those night’s I knew my look was on point ;-))—I don’t wear them on the day to day. Sure, if I know I’m going to be taking pics for the blog or am going out I slap ’em on, not if I’m just going to be working. What I do wear on a regular basis, as I mentioned, is first and foremost, mascara….annnnnd foundation, eyeshadow, bronzer, eyeliner, brow pencil if I have some extra time (i.e. if I tell you I’ll be ready in ten minutes its a blatant lie). I’ve been using the same mascara and lash primer for about 4 years and anytime I try anything else I end up back with it. I reviewed it back in 2013 and have been using it since, so it’s not just a one off (occasionally I’ll go back to my old Benefit mascara, but always end up back with my old fave and never stop using the primer regardless of what mascara I use). I first tried it at the suggestion of you, my fabulous BBH readers, and so now I’m suggesting it right back to those of you who may have never tried it.

If you like dramatic, bold and long-lasting mascara I’d definitely give my go-to a whirl. Even if you have another favorite mascara I’d totally even pair the primer with that. And if you want your makeup to really pop in pics, scoop up some faux lashes and use my fave mascara on your own lashes after you’ve applied the fauxs to blend things together to create a look as intense as a dinner in Hong Kong with the Dorit and Erika.

Diorshow Mascara

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See my 2013 review here

The Brunette Says:

There are three things I put on my face every day after I wash it: SkinCeuticals c e ferulic (bonus: it’s orange so you sort of look tan), under eye concealer, and mascara. If I have to see people I know, I’ll add a bronzer, powder eyeliner and a nude long wear eyeshadow stick. If my cute husband has to look at me for an extended period of time, I’ll add a blush and an actual eyeshadow for his sake. But I never forget my mascara, and this is always the time for me to stock up since Nordstrom is doing its semi-annual buy two get one free deals!

I have used the same mascara since high school and love it so much. As a super basic type of girl who probably won’t get into the feather lash/latisse/lash extension/lash perm fad, this mascara makes my eyelashes look more full and it comes right off when I wash my face at night. The one drawback is that some of you require waterproof mascara which this definitely is not, although the same production comes in a waterproof version for those of you who are not too lazy to use eye makeup remover like myself. The best part is that it has a “two in one” wand that can give lighter, feathery coverage and another that gives a more dramatic look. It’s hard to explain but when I read Nordstrom’s application directions, I giggled: “Pull the wand through the small orifice if you want to create natural-looking, defined lashes. For dramatic lashes with incredible volume, pull the wand through the large orifice.” Luckily a good solid mascara helps me look more mature on the outside than I am on the inside. 😜

Keep it Real,

Sally xo

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  1. Lydia says

    Lights Camera Lashes for me
    Maybelline Great Lash for my bride to be daughter- a more cost effective Camerin-esque choice

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