Blonde vs Brunette: Favorite Summer Shoes 2017

Some famed rivalries are seemingly tales as old as time. The Montagues vs The Capulets. Coke vs Pepsi. Erika vs Dorit. And finally, Lauren’s favorite Summer 2017 shoes vs Sally’s. And while there are many great options to choose from, we’ve taken on the ultimate task of deciding which is best in this week’s Blonde vs. Brunette

The Blonde Says:

Summer is totally in full swing and that means so are the summer shoes we have been eyeing (and buying) since March in Chicago. This seems to be when I’m convinced it’s going to get warm every year, causing me to scoop up hot Spring / Summer styles that I end up being able to wear about 2.5 times before June. That being said I’ve always taken a goooood look at whats available, whether it from seeing them on our favorite, fashion-forward Real Housewives or just on my shopping excursions. And if you’re still looking for that perfect summer pair, I’ve got ten of them starting at around $70—as does Sally—that should have you looking fashionable and fabulous and just about any occasion. Some of them I own, and some of them I have a feeling I might after I finish this post.

Top 10 Best Shoes of Summer 2017

1. So I loved these metallic pieces of magic in a closed toe version, but IMO, the open toed mule is as chic as it gets this summer as one of the season’s known “IT” shoes that can be worn into fall. And even though I love the gold, I managed to find in on SALE (for real) in black suede which is a very close second.

Click Here to Shop the Gucci Marmont Metallic Mule

Click Here to Shop the Black Suede Version (QUICKLY)

2. Yeah, I’m aware these aren’t ground breaking and are considered a bit basic at this point. Oh well, call me basic, I love mine. I throw my Superstars on with cutoffs, a white tee, black hat and aviators and wear them everywhere from my sons baseball to shopping and more. I’m loving the rose gold color we saw on Erika Giradi and they could be my next in my collection now that they are finally in stock.

Click Here to Shop the Adidas Super Star Sneaker

3. I own these and I love them. To be upfront, they aren’t super comfy at the back end of the top strap, but that didn’t stop me from bringing them on vacation as my only slides. As a lover of gold chains on all thangs, these had me at hello and are totally getting me back and forth from the beach.

Click Here to Shop the Kendall + Kylie Shiloh Chain Strap Slide

4. Yeah these are pricey and definitely not new or trendy for this year—that’s because they are so well made and so TIMELESS. I’ve had mine for two years (I own the nude and black two tone) and they are SO well made that I will totally argue they are worth the price. I wear them to pick up my son from school, I wear them as a commuter flat when I take them to the city and I wore them ALL THE TIME when I was preggo because I think they are so comfortable. They are a total walking shoe and mine barely show any wear after two years! They are what I consider to be my best constructed designer shoe purachse.

Click Here to Shop  Chanel Espadrilles in this Seasons Colors

Click Here to Shop a Look for Less (without the CC’s) at ASOS

5. Yep, I’m a label whore, as I’ve mentioned. I’ve written about Real Housewives fashion for over seven years, what do you expect? So you know I’ve got my eye on these Givenchy logo slides for their color scheme and the fact that, like Erika Jayne, they scream  “It’s Xx$penive to Be Me”*.

*What? Give me a break, I totally wasn’t cool in high school, these totally make me feel better about it. 

Click Here to Shop the Givenchy Slide Sandal

6. So admittedly I’m not a pearl person, however when I saw these I had to share. A pearl embellished sandal is all the rage this summer, and these babies give off that total Chanel vibe all with a bit of shimmer and not the price.

Click Here to Shop the Tory Burch Melody Ankle Strap Sandal

7. Okay so when I first saw these YSL logo pumps, I thought of them as art. Like I legit wanted to buy them, put them in a big glass case ala Adrienne Maloof’s wedding gown, and gawk at them. And then wouldn’t you know it, my friend Helen Berkun—fashion stylist and blogger extraordinare—was wearing them at dinner last week and swore to me up and down that they’re comfortable. So it looks like fashion and fiction can exist in harmony and Saint Laurent found the way to make it happen.

Click Here to Shop the YSL Logo Pump

8. The less expensive sister to the Alexander Wang Emilia Sandal, this bold, gold embellished slide will give you all the style at a reduced price tag.

Click here to Shop the Raye x Revolve Winnie Slide 

9. If you love the bold braids of Marco de Vicenzo but not the $1000+ price tag, you’ll love this fab look for less. I’m pretty obsessed myself as I think they also give off a Balmain vibe for us babes on a budget.

Click Here to Shop the ASOS Heart Throb Sandal

10. This may not be a designer you’ve heard of, but by now you know I’m a sucker for a Parisian chic black and white stripes. You can dress these shoes up for a night out or wear them white denim to a BBQ to create a bold “It Girl” look. Not to mention they’re totally on sale.

Click Here to Shop the Silla Striped Canvas Wedge

The Brunette Says:

This week we decided to bring you our favorite summer sandals (as opposed to our usual favorite summer scandals posts). Since shoes are my favorite vice (a problem I attribute solely to my mom), it was hard to narrow down my top ten. We moved into our new house yesterday where I converted an entire utility closet into, what else, but a shoe closet. Please don’t envision a Carrie Bradshaw-esque situation (yet), but as I am unpacking and sorting my shoes from most to least favorite, I realized I may have a shoe problem from which you’re about to benefit. Enjoy in no particular order:

Top 10 Best Shoes of Summer 2017

1. I know I mentioned that we moved yesterday. You know what else I did yesterday? Went to a wedding with my best friends. If any of you don’t have a husband that would support you going to a wedding on moving day while staying home to unpack and take care of business, you should. Ideally there’s also a co-dependence with a shoe addiction (he has his own half of the shoe closet guys). Why do I bring this up? Because I wore my first favorite summer shoe, a red suede Saint Laurent Tribute Pump to the wedding last night. These are worth the splurge due to comfort alone, and then when you add on the fact that they’re gorgeous, classic, and worn by nearly all the housewives in different variations, it’s a no brainer (an expensive one). But this summer they really threw me for a loop when they introduced the flat Tribute sandal. It’s BEAUTIFUL and has the recognizable knot, while giving off a Hermes vibe as well.

Click Here to Shop Saint Laurent’s Tribute Flat Sandal

Click Here to Shop Saint Laurent’s Tribute Pump

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An Honorable Mention Goes To This Sam Edleman Style Stealer On Sale

2. So be honest: When Erika Jayne was discussing her wardrobe for Vanderpump’s diamonds and rose’ party on this season of Beverly Hills, was anyone else completely thrown off when she laughed at the idea of wearing wedges?? I was so self conscious in my head, like, “wait, have I missed the memo?!” A wedge is a comfortable alternative to the heel without the concern of it digging into grass and ruining the shoe! Ok so I guess now that I think of it, the first time I saw the second shoe on my list was probably over ten years ago, when Jennifer Aniston wore it with everything (much like she does now with my current favorite shoe of all time, the Gucci Princetown Loafer). So while a wedge may have been around forever, I love the classic Stuart Weitzman espadrille sandal my mother in law (also guilty of amazing taste in shoes) bought me a few years ago. A similar fave is a great flatform. Marc Fisher makes a pair that can be easily mistaken for my Celine pair, which is quite aggravating for me and exciting for you!

Click Here to Shop Stuart Weitzman Wedges On Sale!

Click Here to Shop Marc Fisher Flatform Espadrilles

3. Does anyone read my full paragraphs? They’re a little long. This one is short and easy: Birkenstocks. Same as they were 40 years ago, with a few additional colors, these are the shoes I slip on to walk to dogs or go to the grocery store. Paired with the right outfit can be super cute, but are always comfy.

Click Here to Shop Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ Sandal

4. Technically not a sandal but definitely a summer shoe is the white sneaker. You probably already have the super affordable and trendy Adidas Stan Smith, but my current favorite is my glittery Golden Goose distressed sneaker. When I first saw them on my husband’s best friend, I was genuinely disgusted by the idea of buying insanely expensive sneakers that look like someone put them in a garbage truck compactor. But then one then I liked them and the rest is history.

Click Here to Shop Golden Goose Sneakers

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5. This summer is all about the ankle strap heel. There are so many options out there but I really love these black, chunky heel, pear-embelished Stuart Weitzman sandals. The pearls offset the chunky heels to make a unique and feminine shoe that can go with everything and be dressed up or down. An honorable mention goes to a tribal-inspired tan ankle strap for a more casual style stealer.

Click Here to Shop Stuart Weitzman Pearl Embellished Sandal

Click Here to Shop Schutz Tribal Ankle Strap Sandal

6. I have mentioned this before several times, but as someone who feels most comfortable in pretty basic clothes, it was hard for me to find a statement shoe I liked that was not a heel and was comfortable but not comfortable looking. When I ordered these I was sure they’d quickly go back because I doubted their comfort. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised when the Valentino Rockstud flat sandal was quite different from its Rockstudded siblings that I love but some of which I cannot wear. I got pink for the pop of color that I still consider neutral.

Click Here to Shop Valentino’s Rockstud Sandal

Click Here to Shop Other Valentino Rockstud Styles 

7. If you haven’t picked up on the fact that I’m a self proclaimed nerdball, it’s time for you to figure it out. My love of stars, one that I share with my literal rocket-scientist NASA alum father in law, is evident in my next pick. Embellishments are everywhere now, be it tassels, fringe, or my fave pom poms. But for the second season in a row these star studded Grecian sandals have me glowing.

Click Here To Shop Loeffler Randall’s Star Sandal

8. So like the gym shoe, these are also technically not sandals. However, I really love the shorts-with-boots look, and these woven Rag & Bone boot take the classic style and make them wearable year round. Perfect for summer festivals with denim shorts or paired with a maxi dress, these boots are made for walkin’ in the summer.

Click Here to Shop Rag & Bone Woven Ankle Boot

9. At this point you’ve all heard me go about the Givenchy mink fur slide that I’m completely in love with, not unlike the Gucci mules. But the genesis of my deep love for pool slides surprisingly began at Bloomingdales- my favorite store for great clothing steals but my least favorite shoe department. As I was breezing right past it, an odd looking shoe reminiscent of my Adidas shower shoes I wore at camp so long ago was black with gold chains across it. Kendall and Kylie Jenner designed a really cool summer shoe at an affordable price, which also comes in a faux fur style if you want to do both the furry and embellished trend at the same time.

Click Here to Shop Kendall + Kylie’s Chain Pool Slides

10. Last but not least are the shoes that I have worn the heck out of most days this summer. Above fur, embelishments, chunky heels and ankle straps, this season logos are everything.  Saint Laurent made a YSL leather slide that elevates the pool slide while maintaining the comfort, with a logo that’s prominent and understated at the same time.

Click Here to Shop Saint Laurent Slides

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Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

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