If I had been Brandi Glanville getting a verbal lashing from Faye Resnick at Kyle Richard’s dinner party, I would have totally had to tune it out and think about something else so I didn’t cry. And I probably would have just thought about how great I looked in my purple romper at Lisa’s house earlier that day. I mean with a body like that, it would be virtually impossible for me to be the “bigger woman” ….

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Brandi Glanville’s Purple Silk Romper at Lisa’s House

Brandi Glanville's Purple Silk Romper at Lisa House Kimchi Blue

Kimichi Blue Zipper Romper

Kimchi Blue Purple Zipper Romper

Style Stealer;

Nasty Gal Purple  Reign Romper

Nasty Gal Purple  Reign Romper

(I’m kind of obsessed with this romper…)

Amanda Uprichard Romper in Nu Blue

Amanda Uprichard Romper in Nu Blue
 – Available in Many Colors

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