Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Black Off the Shoulder Sweater

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15 Episode 7 Fashion

Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s black off the shoulder sweater taking her son Jacob to go get his makeup done is a super cute choice. If I wear a sweater I like to show a little skin so it doesn’t look totally frumpy!

Also, if you want a fresh face to match your sweater, COS Bar (where they were in this scene) is a super fun and cute place to get makeup done and they have them in a few different locations.  With this one-two punch you’ll be left looking as fab as a Windham-Burke before you know it!


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


Braunwyn Windham-Burke's Black Off the Shoulder Sweater

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