Caelynn MillerKeyes’ Black Ski Jacket in Denver

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 7 Fashion

Out of all the items on last night’s (dramatic) episode of The Bachelor, Caelynn MillerKeyes’ black ski jacket is the one I was most hoping that I’d find. Between the faux fur collar, cool white stripes, and sleek fit, this is just such a great jacket to stay chic and cozy in during the winter months. Or if you live in the arctic tundra like me – the spring months!

As if Caelynn’s jacket on this date wasn’t enough, I love that we got to see her drop her pageant queen crown and curse a bit when Colton told her what Tayshia said. I’m just hoping Tayshia has a cute puffer of her own, because I have a feeling more wintery conditions between the two are in the long-term forecast.



Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ Black Ski Jacket

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