Cameran Eubanks’ Black and White Striped Top at Chelsea’s Housewarming Party

Season 6 Episode 2 Southern Charm Fashion

While I have no idea what motherhood is like, I imagine that every time you’re able to leave the house without the kids it feels a bit like escaping from prison. And Cameran Eubanks totally confirmed this theory for me at Chelsea’s housewarming party, especially considering she was dressed like a (very chic) escaped inmate in her black and white striped uniform top!

I seriously don’t blame Cam for wanting to take shots and live it up at the party, because she definitely deserved some time just to kick back with friends and enjoy her freedom. And thankfully she didn’t have to worry about the fashion police coming to take her away anytime soon; Jason on the other hand, maybe. 



Cameran Eubanks’ Black and White Striped Top

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