Cameran Eubanks’ Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

on Season 3 of Southern Charm Fashion

Sometimes finding ID’s on denim can be difficult—especially distressed denim since the fabric in them isn’t often ripped in the same places on each pair, even if they are from the same company. So while I don’t have an exact match for Cameran’s fave ripped boyfriend jeans (which are possibly sold out like so many of her items anyways) I totally have a well priced, twin version for you from one of my absolute favorite brands! As a girl who can’t live without her ripped jeans, I’m totally since when I say, enjoy…

Cameran Eubanks Ripped Jeans

Cameran Eubanks Ripped Jeans

Southern Charm Season 3 Cameran Eubanks Ripped Jeans

Steal Her Style:

Blank NYC Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Blank NYC Distressed Boyfriend Jeans Available Here

(This is my favorite, moderatly priced denim brand … I own 4 pairs of their jeans and swear by them)

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