Cameran Eubanks Tie Dye Maxi Dress in Key West

Season 4 Southern Charm Finale Fashion

Cameran Eubanks’ is definitely a prime candidate for a “Stars, They’re Just Like Us” feature. First, she rented her Season 4 finale gown. Second, she shops at retailers that definitely don’t break the bank. Third, she’s totally worn things—like her tie dye maxi dress—twice during this season of Southern Charm, and everyone loves them just as much the second time.

The first time we saw Cameran rock this pink, blue, white and orange layered maxi dress she wore it to lunch with Chelsea, and it was the perfect lunchtime look. And in the previews for tonight’s episode of Southern Charm, she looks to be wearing it for her trip back to Charleston, as the clip shows her telling Shep to walk in the good ‘ole straight line in addition to suggesting he down a water so he can get on the flight home.

While I’m not so sure Shep got on that flight home, Cameran was smart to wear that dress right back to Charleston to ensure it wouldn’t get lost in her luggage, along with Shep’s sobriety and the tiny little bottles of liquor he’s probably smuggling from the mini bar.

Cameran Eubanks wearing a Tie Dye Maxi Dress

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