Cameran Eubanks’ Turquoise Pink Flower Wrap Dress Showing Craig the House

Season 4 Episode 6 Southern Charm Fashion and Style

Well, the floral printed wrap dresses on Southern Charm are getting a bit obvi, but I know if I don’t report on the ID of Cameran Eubanks’ turquoise pink flower wrap dress ya’ll will been asking for it whereabouts. And while sometimes styles that are very close to each other make my job a bit redundant, I do think these floral wrap dresses are the perfect uniform for a Charleston Real Estate agent like Cameran. Bright and bold—yet not too revealing—the wrap dress is the perfect wear-to-work, church or even a wedding shower look for that southern lady who’s livin’ the life while she’s wheeling and dealing like Cam.

Cameran Eubanks' Turquoise Wrap Dress with Pink Flowershern Charm Fashion and Style Lilly Pulitzer Meridan Printed Wrap Dress

Click Here for Info on the Lilly Pulitzer Meridan Printed Wrap Dress (S/O)

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