Original post 10/2011

So a fan asked me about Caroline Manzo’s Posche 2011 Fashion Show Dress and the request has mysteriously disappeared … Under a pile of other requests. So I guess it’s not really not that mysterious. And neither is who makes Caroline’s fab dress and where you can get one for yourself. And I’d like to thank Caroline for finding this fab Leger for Less, an ultimate Style Stealer…

Caroline Manzo’s Posche Fashion Show 2011 Dress

Caroline Manzo Blue Bandage Posche Fashion Show Dress La Cite

La Cite Bandage Dress

La Cite Bandage Dress (Pictured in Nude) SOLD OUT ReveBoutique.com

Style Stealer:

La Cite Scoop Neck Bandage Dress Black Silver

La Cite Bandage Dress in Black and Silver ReveBoutique.com

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