Caroline Stanbury’s Shiny Black Pants

Ladies of London Instagram

When I saw Caroline Stanbury’s shiny black pants strolling through London on Instagram I immediately thought two things. 1) Bring Ladies of London back 2) I have these pants and everyone needs a pair. I actually wear them to my office (they also come in a matte version if that’s a bit much for those of you who don’t make your own dress code) and they are actually also perfect to wear out at night. I love the sheen, the high waist and the fact that they don’t stretch out much after a wear. And I definitely just got inspo from Caroline’s casual look because I haven’t worn them with a hoodie yet and it’s SO cute.

The pants run $165 and as someone who generally doesn’t buy pricey pants because I don’t think it’s worth it, I think these are for the quality. And actually, I feel that way about everything I own from this brand. I just bought a pair of biker shorts with a sheen like this from a fast-fashion retailer and they don’t suck me in and they stretched out, so in that case I think spending up is worth it. Especially when it comes to a sexy black pant, which is why I’m off to buy these in a biker short.


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Caroline Stanbury's Black Pants

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