Caroline Stanbury’s Side Stripe Pants on Instagram

Ladies of London Instagram Fashion

Caroline Stanbury’s side stripe pants on Instagram were paired with a cozy sweater and her super chic sister-in-law. Yes, I consider Sophie Stanbury to be an amazing accessory, because… hair. That hair! I’m still not over it years after Ladies of London has been off air. And here it’s so amazing to see these technically ex-sisters stay bffs, and remembering that when you have kids in common that person is always family. So they were all invited to Dubai and if Instagram reflects reality, I’d say the family had the best time. Great food, great friends, family, and obviously, amazing presents. We miss Gift Boutique, don’t you?

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Caroline Stanbury's Side Stripe Pants on Instagram

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Photo Credit: Caroline Stanbury’s Instagram

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