Can you please help me find this skirt that Carrie Underwood wore on Jimmy Fallon?  I know she’s not a housewife, but I am dying for it. Cheers! Kelly

Although Carrie Underwood isn’t one of the Real Housewives, technically Jimmy Fallon is a “reality” show. And I mean, Carrie’s blonde hair is enough to make even a Real Housewife of Orange County jealous. But thankfully, no one has to be jealous of her skirt because we can all get it for under $70.

Carrie Underwood’s Metallic Pleated Skirt on Jimmy Fallon During Her Miley Cyrus Paraody

Devlin Pleated Metallic Skirt

Devlin Metallic Pleated Skirt

devlin metallic pleated skirt

Devlin Metallic Pleated Skirt Available in Silver Here

Devlin Black Pleated SKirt

Devlin Black Pleated Skirt in Black Available Here

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