Cary Deuber’s Blush at LeeAnne’s Fashion Show

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 Episode 15 Fashion

Cary Deuber’s blush at LeeAnne’s fashion show caught my eye. So did the rest of her makeup, but one thing at a time guys. Her hair, dress, lashes, everything was so festive and reminded us of the holidays coming up even though I don’t think that’s when they filmed it. I really liked this blush because it’s got a brown, goldish hue but is matte, so it works really well with her gold dress. I also think this blush would go really well with any complexion, both darker and lighter and even olive.The blush is highlighting and contouring her amazing cheekbones to perfection!

Despite their ups and downs, the girls came out tonight to support LeAnne’s pretty interesting new adventure. And I must quote Cary in saying “175 different ways? That’s a lot!” I’m curious to see where it all goes, but think this is a good start for LeeAnne! All of that meditation and bowl banging really seemed to work for her!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Cary Deuber's Blush at LeeAnne's Fashion Show

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Makeup Artist and Info Credit: Daniel Blaylock-Napolitan’s Instagram

Photo Credit: Cary Deuber’s Instagram

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