Cassie Randolph’s Leopard Shoes in Spain

The Bachelor Season 23 Finale Fashion

Cassie Randolph’s leopard shoes in Spain may have only popped up on our screens for a brief moment, however they definitely left an impression as big on us as the one she had on Colton. Thank you Cassie for showing us the perfect statement shoe for spring!

While I’m sure all of your heads are still spinning after so many highs and lows on last night’s finale, get ready to feel the wave of emotion again – because Cassie’s shoes are sold out. But we’ve included some super cute Style Stealer options below, so there’s definitely still a chance you’ll find “the one”.



Cassie Randolph’s Leopard Shoes

Cassie Randolph’s Leopard Shoes

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Photo: @CassieRandolph

Style Stealers:

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