Cheat Your Way to Being Beach Ready with Lauren’s Essentials

This weekend I headed away for a little girls weekend at the beach. As it approached I realized that I wasn’t quite “beach ready” the way I would like to be. So, after finally caving and placing an order with the amazing, shaping swimsuit brand I had heard so much about, I gathered my other favorites to pull myself together. And I’m sharing them with you, along with why the products are my must haves for Spring and Summer 2023, below.


The Realest Housewife,

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1. I have been using St. Tropez sunless tanner for close to 15 years! It takes some practice, but scoop up this mitt, use the prep and maintain and then use the actual tanner. I also use the original formula. The key to an even, long-lasting tan is to make sure you’re moisturizing in the days leading up to the tan with a water based lotion and then exfoliating in the shower pre-application. Then, apply the prep and maintain mousse, rinse after 5 minutes, and apply your tanner in a circular motion, using a generous amount and making sure you are covering all areas!

2. I’ve been thinking about trying TA3 swimsuits and I finally did because I needed a little extra help this Spring and now I don’t think I’ll ever wear anything else! I bought this mesh one and then a basic one which I also used as a bodysuit this weekend. 10 out of 10 recommend! They’re a little pricey, but if you swim as much as I do now that I live in Austin it’s worth the splurge if you can.

3. Unpopular opinion … I hate going and sitting to get a pedicure. I’m a busy, working mom and when I find the time I don’t want to spend it in a chair unable to move! So first, these nail wraps have been a game changer for me. I’m obsessed. And then when I have some extra time I’ve added this pedi kit to my routine as I also use the nail wraps on my toes. 

4. Abbott Lyon bags are my obsession. They make you look like a rich b*itch for around $100. I’m thinking about getting a second color I love mine so much. 

5. We all know the Real Housewives love a beach hat, which is why I zeroed in on this one from Amazon that has 33,000 4.5 star reviews! It’s packable and perfect to pull your look together.

6. Scoop up some oversized sunnies, or any other fab sunnies you love, from Amazon before you head to the beach. I used to buy designer sunglasses but now, with the selection on Amazon, I feel like I get more compliments on these than designer lenses in my collection.

7. I love a fun sunscreen, so adding some shimmer with Coppertone Glow is a fun addition. I also am a big fan for Supergoop Glow if you want to spend a little bit more!

8. When all else fails, throw on a basic white cover up shirt. You’ll look classy and pulled together, especially when you add the sunglasses, bag and hat!