Chelsea Meissner’s Himalayan Salt Lamp In Her Bedroom

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If you don’t have a Himalayan salt lamp like Chelsea Meissner’s yet, what are you waiting for? The super purifying chunk of salt does so much goodness for your body, environment, and quality of life – Chelsea, being a super smart gal, has one in her bedroom. Not only do these amazing lamps purify and deodorize the air, they also reduce allergies, increase your energy levels, help you sleep better, improves your mood and concentration, and so much more.

I’m no scientist so I won’t bore you with all the science-y talk about ions and neutrons – all I know is that these lamps are awesome. I have three, one in my bedroom, one in my home office, and one in my office at work. The soft glow always makes me somehow feel better, and no wonder why, there are loads of benefits. Be sure when picking yours out that you pay attention to if it is dimming and non-dimming. I have both and I prefer dimming in my bedroom and use the non-dimming ones in other areas. There are also a variety of sizes depending on the room size you choose to use it in. Be sure to check out all of the style stealers, I made sure there was a variety to pick from!

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Chelsea Meissner’s Himalayan Salt Lamp In Her Bedroom

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