Chelsea Meissner’s Season 6 Reunion Dress

Southern Charm Season 6 Reunion Fashion

Between the fierce AF shoulder pads and see-through metallic lace, Chelsea Meissner’s Season 6 Reunion dress was the epitome of FASH-UN and a bit of an unexpected choice for her considering in years past she’s tended to go the more conservative route. In a behind-the-scenes clip on she said “I had a friend who I trust in the fashion world pick something out for me, and it’s a little more scandalous than I’m used to”; well needless to say, this friend who was not one of us but we wish we could say was hit it out of the park, because if there’s one thing we can never get enough of when it comes to this show it’s some sexy scandal.



Chelsea Meissner’s Season 6 Reunion Dress

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