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If you’re like me you never know which shampoo to choose. They all promise different things and different price points but like me my hair is not basic enough to choose a shampoo that is just color protecting or just volumizing or a just thermal protecting—I want it all! I have extensions, I color my hair and I use heating tools regularly, so I need a lot of different components to keep my Big Blonde Hair looking on point. After all, it’s my brand and truth me told my hair is literally my built in security blanket. That’s why I’m totally loving Function of Beauty’s customizable shampoo and conditioner.


To get started I visited and took a quiz about my hair to enable them to tailor a shampoo that meets all of my hair needs. First I chose my hair type, hair structure and scalp moisture. Once I got through those basics I chose 5 hair goals out of 18 options. Mine were color protection, volume, brasiness reduction, thermal protection and anti aging. Next I moved on to the super fun part of customizing the bottles with my name and color of choice, which you can see on my bottles. After that I chose a scent and strength out of 6 choices. I went for peach with strong scent because I always love when people have hair that smells amazing and I’ve never been a part of that crowd. Finally I chose the bottle sizes and also opted to add their soft travel containers which are totally cute and functional.

Function of Beauty Shampoo

Another thing to note is their gift options because this is a totally cute and thoughtful gift for a friend. Who doesn’t love something personalized? You can choose the date it will be delivered to them and include a personalized gift note with it. If you’ve got friends in your life that only use vegan and cruelty free products Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner fit the bill and will show them you’re all about their cause.


I received my customized shampoo about a week after ordering (US shipping is 7-9 days – but you can pay to “skip the line” at checkout if you want it sooner!). It comes with the cap but also a pump, which I totally loved. They offer a Happy Hair Guarantee  policy that includes a reformulation if you are not completely satisfied with your formula, and will refund if you aren’t content after that. Although with 14,000+ 5 star reviews I’m guessing that’s rarely an issue. You can also easily reorder your exact formula on file if you love it, or opt-in to subscription so  you will never run out!

Function of Beauty

After using the shampoo for a few weeks I’m extremely happy with the formula I curated. Mine is a “purple shampoo” that aims to combat brassiness (you blondes know what I mean) and is less drying than the one I normally use. I’m able to style my hair without it being weighed down which is super important to me and happens with some moisturizing formulas. I’m getting great volume without the dry hair and am loving the peachy scent. I am definitely sold on this brand.


So what are you waiting for? Great hair is only a quiz away and  you (and your hair) deserve it.


Function of Beauty is giving Big Blonde Hair readers 20% off their first order. Follow this link and start the hair profile quiz!


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair