D’Andra Simmons’ Gold Pleated Blouse at Cary’s Laser Center Party

Real Housewives of Dallas Fashion Season

D’Andra Simmons’ gold pleated blouse at Cary Deuber’s laser center party was probably the best thing about her night. I mean, traditionally when one gets accused of being an alcoholic at a party I’d assume they are drunk, no?

When all the women were chatting amongst their groups and then running the info back and forth between each other I thought, “This is my worst nightmare!” A lot of people in the town I live in love to gossip just like this and it give me maje anxiety. This is exactly why I stay in my house, search for clothing, shop online, and then run away to Chicago to wear it. People in a city that big don’t care who you are, unless you’re wearing a fab top like D’Andra’s, that is.

The Realest Housewife,

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D'Andra Simmons' Gold Pleated Blouse

Opening Ceremony Top Sold Out

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