David Rose’s Black and White Sweater on Schitt’s Creek

Season 4 Episode 2 Fashion

While the scene between David, Stevie and their significant others (or one may have been insignificant) wasn’t black and white, David Rose’s black and white sweat on Schitt’s Creek totally was, like most of the rest of his wardrobe. And for those of you who have seen my personal Insta you know that I have a black and white wardrobe “theme” for Valentino, my youngest, so of course this affinity for my neutrals is totally getting David more page time on BBH then any man ever. And had I seen Schitt’s Creek before I had baby V, I might just have named him David instead of Valentino, which probably would have made him way happier when he gets to the years of wanting a “normal” name. Ah well, he will just have to settle for a logner name and stealing David’s style.

David Rose's Black and White Sweater on Schitt's Creek

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