David Rose’s Lightning Bolt Sweatshirt on Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek Season 5 Episode 4 Fashion

David Rose’s lightning bolt sweatshirt (which I’ve been obsessed with since seeing him wear it in the promo pics) finally made an appearance on this week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek. And unlike pretty much every other David post I’ve done so far this season, I’m happy to report that this sweatshirt is still in stock in every size. Let’s all cheers some polar bear shots to that!

Oh and that’s not even the best part – not only does the brand make this for men, but they make clothes using the same lightning bolt print for women and kids too. So now you can get everyone in your family David’s look, which will only be enhanced when they see you’re all dressed the same and whip out his classic WTF facial expression.



David Rose's Lightning Bolt Sweatshirt

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