Debra Newell’s Drawstring Sleeve Sweater

Dirty John Season 1 Episode 1 Fashion

Debra Newell’s drawstring sleeve sweater was a cozy top to wear to celebrate what she thought was going to be a cozy life with her new man John. Sipping champs on the waterfront, celebrating a house that cost something like $8000.00 per month to rent. How much better can it get? Turns out a lot. Although she wanted to move away from her slightly annoying daughter, the truth is that her daughter was right all along. You gotta follow your instincts about people, and it seemed Debra didn’t really have an instinct to follow. She was basically John’s sugar mamma, and this scene irked me so much knowing that after four marriages, she still through caution to the wind. Even though the wind was coming off of the ocean on this amazing property.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Debra Newell's Drawstring Sleeve Sweater

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