Debra Newell’s White Bell Sleeve Blouse

Dear John Season 1 Episode 1 Fashion

Debra Newell’s white bell sleeve blouse she wears in one of the first couple scenes of Dirty John gives us a sense that her amazing style isn’t just limited to furniture and decor. Debra, a real person, apparently (and clearly) had a hugely successful interior design company, but her wardrobe on this show is so cute I’m curious about her actual wardrobe at home. It is so interesting to me that her clear business sense fails her when it comes to trusting men. In a few of the scenes there were great business lessons. Like people like cash in hand, even if they provide a discount, and also if you have a good client, don’t mess with what they want. Too bad that good sense didn’t go very far when she met John!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Debra Newell's White Bell Sleeve Blouse

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