Debra Newell’s White Floral Blouse

Dirty John Season 1 Episode 1 Fashion

Debra Newell’s white floral blouse on the first episode of Bravo’s Dirty John was easy breezy and beautiful, much lie the beginning of her relationship with John. For those of us who have heard the whole tale, we know where the dirty comes from. But for now, just John will do because Eric Bana still seems so dreamy. Ok, maybe a little creepy and opportunistic. I mean, I’ve dropped hints about things that I want, but certainly never a rental waterfront house like the one Debra got for her and John. To be fair, I would do almost anything to be able to live in that amazing place. And if you learn anything from Debra, it’s that she’s right regarding the fact that people appreciate money in hand. If you can offer a lump sum for significantly less, it’s worth a shot.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Debra Newell's White Floral Blouse

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