Diana Trout’s Color Block Cutout Dress

Younger Season 4 Episode 6 Fashion

She barged in at an awkward moment to sing happy birthday, but Diana Trout’s color block cutout dress and matching fringe earrings were cute enough to forgive her. This woman can not have an opinion to herself so we will make one for her: Her high-fashion cutout dress is unique, fun, and versatile. And while pricey, it’s on sale and worth every penny if you ask me. Another fan of this fashion brand? Our resident Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel. So clearly Diana is in good company with great taste.

Considering she can’t decide what birthday gift to get for whatever man she wants, matching this dress with the cute tassel earrings must have been a no brainer. She’s so shallow and oblivious, I love watching her. We’ve all had a boss like that- right? (My first and last boss was my brother… lol!).

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Diana Trout's Color Block Cutout Dress

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