Dorinda Medley’s Sandals on WWHL

Real Housewives of New York Watch What Happens Live August 1, 2018 Fashion

Dorinda Medley’s sandals on WWHL are a housewives favorite brand (lots and lots and lots of them have these classic shoes). From reunions, to white parties, to Watch What Happens Live (and probably to a beach vacation), these are classic style shoes that match everything and everyone. Worn with a crazy cool blazer (read about it here), the outfit was about as muted as Dorinda. Not at all.

Perhaps the most important question of the episode was whether she thought her drinking influenced that nasty fight with Lu. Well, she said no, not surprisingly, but I think the rest of the world may disagree. We love Dorinda. And we love when she has a drink and stabs herself in the hand. But lay off Lou!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Dorinda Medley's Sandals on WWHL

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