Dorit Kemsley’s Black Cat Eye Sunglasses on Instastories

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2020 Instagram Fashion

I always keep my eye on Dorit Kemsley’s fun filled Instastories. Lately for the most par they’ve been about her kiddos doing  fun activities and being cute. But every once in awhile we’ll get a peek at Dorit’s outfits, which are also cute. Like the black cat eye sunglasses she has on below.

I’m here to tell you not only are they in stock, but available at multiple stores and even on sale! So this makes it a lot easier to go from just having our eye on them like we do on Dorit’s stories to actually having them on our eyes, and of course on our social media too.


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Dorit Kemsley's Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Photo: @doritkemsley