Dorit Kemsley’s Black Mirrored Shield Sunglasses

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Dorit Kemsley’s black mirrored shield sunglasses are perfect for a nice summer vacation. Like maybe taking a private jet to Mexico to celebrate your husband’s birthday kind of vacation. Or, if you’re like me, just going to the pool and pretending you’re on the beach kind of vacation. Either way these sunglasses are the perfect accessory.

I love the mirrored sunglasses look. Particularly because then nobody can see your eyes or where you are looking. That way people can’t see if you’re accidentally spacing out and staring at them, or just plain trying to avoid eye contact. They also hide excessive eye-rolling when you’re not invited on your bestie’s in your own mind PJ for a trip down to Mexico.


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Dorit Kemsley's Black Mirrored Shield Sunglasses

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Photo: @doritkemsley