Dorit Kemsley’s Crystal Statement Necklace at Camille’s Perfume Party with her Black Jumpsuit

Season 8 Episode 12 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

Dorit Kemsley always makes a statement, whether it’s with the words she says or her fashion choices. That’s why it’s no surprise that tonight she’s been spotted in a majorly attention grabbing oversized crystal necklace that is the perfect pop for her all black jumpsuit. Aside from her gorgeous bib necklace, I’m interested to see what ensues with her and Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship at Camille’s perfume party, as it looks like it becomes a bit strained, but per usual I’m hoping things all work out for the best. Which is one of the many reasons I’m a better fit to find their Louboutins (and necklaces) as opposed to actually walking in their shoes.

Dorit Kemsley's Crystal Statement Necklace


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Styling: @JazminGGonzalez Photo: @DoritKemsley


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