Dorit Kemsley’s Phoenix and Jagger Name Plate Necklaces

Season 8 Episode 5 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

I was out of town last week but the minute I saw Dorit Kemsley’s Phoenix and Jagger name plate necklaces while playing catch up I knew I had to find the source, as did BBH Reader Sarah P. who encouraged me to track down this look. While “Jagger” and “Phoenix” look super cool in Old English script, I’m totally envisioning my “Mark” and “Valentino” versions draped around my neck looking totally bad ass. Normally wearing your kids’ names around your neck isn’t for me, but this is by far the most coolest way I’ve ever seen it done and I’m totally sold, just like two more of these necklaces are about to be.

Dorit Kemsley's Kids' Name Plate Necklaces

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Styled by Jazmin Gonzalez

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