Dry Shampoo Reviews: The Best and The Rest

May 20, 2016-

By Lauren

Dry Shampoo Reviews: The Best and The Rest

Since I’ve pretty  much been coloring my hair since middle school and have had bonded extensions for a good 7 years, dry shampoo is totally my boo. It has made both my color and extensions last longer because I only have to wash my hair in the shower every 3-4 days and saved me on the immense amount of time it takes to dry and restyle my hair after I’ve showered. It can even add texture and I’ve often use instead of hairspray.  Since I’ve had the opportunity to try so many due to the job perks of owning a blog with “hair” in the title, I’m here to share the benefits of the best brands I’ve tried and help you figure out what will work best for you dependent on hair color, type and need.

Dry Shampoo Review

Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder $27 Although the most expensive of the bunch, this is the dry shampoo I always go back to because it soaks up the most oil at the roots. I’m able to go 3 to 4 days without washing my hair when using it (yes, I body shower daily, don’t worry ;-)) and could go longer if my hair didn’t start to get piecey at the bottom. People with dark hair are often afraid to use a powder, but more recently when my hair was balayage (dark at the roots and lighter on the bottom) I was still able to use this. It isn’t a straight up white like many powders, it’s more iridescent, which I think helps it blend into light to medium brown hair as well.  It can still give you a slightly ashier effect, but it’s easy to blend in.

Dream Dry Chicago Waldorf Astoria

Marc Anthony 2nd Day Dry Shampoo $18.99  To preface, I’m not a big fan of spray dry shampoo’s because I think that a powder works best to absorb oil at the roots, which is what I look for most. So in terms of using this at the roots, I don’t think it does much. However, it’s a very light, non-sticky spray that works well to refresh the smell of the lower part of your hair after using a powder at the top. I’ve also been using it for extra grip pre-styling on before I curl, as it’s less sticky than hair spray.

Schwarzkopf Refresh $22.93 For a spray dry shampoo, this is the best I have used. It seems to have the most powder mixed into the spray, which is why I like it. So if I had to go for a spray to use on my roots, I would go for this. Don’t forget to shake it well and wait at least 30 seconds before blending it into the rest of your hair, starting at the top.

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo $21 This is another powder dry shampoo that I do like. It’s a straight up white powder, so definitely will make hair that isn’t blonde a bit ashier. But for blondes, it’s definitely another good one to refresh greasy looking roots.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray Waves

Rusk Deep Shine Dry Shampoo $24.99 As another spray dry shampoo, it will never be my first choice, however I do find it works well for a clear spray. To avoid a greasy look you definitely need to be sure you don’t spray too close to your roots or over-spray, and that you wait 30 seconds after application and then work it in gently through your hair with your fingers. It does a very good job of increasing root volume and also has an ingredient that protects hair color against UV rays. I have also sprayed this on the ends of already styled hair instead of hair spray because it has a bit of stick and will block UV rays.

Baby Powder $2.99 This is one of my long time fave beauty hacks. Baby powder is my old stand by when I do have official dry shampoo! Sure you smell like a baby and it will definitely make dark hair ashy, but better than greasy if you’re in a bind!

After about 5 years of covering celebrity fashion, I’ve only shown you a small fraction of my rather large closet and fashion knowledge. That being said, I’ve decided to dive in to a new “Lauren Loves” feature on BigBlondeHair.com.  I’ll focus on my outfits, reviews, Chicago favorites and events.  Reviews are unpaid (unless notated Sponsored) and are my own opionion . Please feel free to comment with questions about sizing, retailers, styling or anything else. Xo & Happy Reading

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