Erika Girardi’s Cat Eye Sunglasses

February 18, 2016-

By Lauren

Erika Girardi’s Cat Eye Sunglasses at Kathryn’s Brunch in San Diego

on Season 6 Episode 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

If there’s one thing Big Blonde Hair readers want more of, it’s information directing them to where to buy Erika Girardi’s sunglasses. So I’m declaring today a small victory, because I actually found a pair of them. And as different as Erika may seem from your average Housewives cast member, the brand of these sunnies is a thing that probably ties just about every single ‘wife from every single franchise together. In fact, I think Andy Cohen must ask the women if they own a pair during casting, because it totally seems like a requirement. A requirement that Mrs. Girardi takes to the next level, but sporting what might be the biggest, baddest pair on earth.

So now I’m headed back to the drawing —okay shopping– board on her elusive embellished aviators and square “Carnival of Butts” (sorry, I love Kyle’s quote on that) sunnies, so lets hope I’ve got some good sunglasses vibes headed in my direction. If not, just consider it a payment plan that you only feel compelled to order one pair today.

Erika Girardi's Cat Eye Sunglasses

Erika Girardi's Cat Eye Sunglasses

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  1. Michelle says

    Do you know the brand of sunglasses that she wore towards the beginning of the show where she was on the private jet headed to the Hamptons? They were gold aviator style with rhinestones.


  2. Diane says

    Anyone know who made Lisa Vanderpump’s rose/red sunglasses in the latest episode (episode 16)? I would love to find Them!

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