Erika Girardi’s Favorite Jeans at Kyle’s Store talking to Camille & Eileen

Season 7 Episode 14 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

When Erika Girardi says she has a favorite brand of jeans that “makes your ass hot, your stomach flat, your legs long” you listen, whether you are Camille Grammer and Eileen Davidson or a Big Blonde Hair reader. So seeing as so many of you asked that I find this mystery brand, I had to dig a little deeper since we don’t all live in Beverly Hills to shop these babies at Kyle by Alene Too. I tracked down which of our favorite retailers are stocking this miracle working brand, and you’d better believe that these are going to be the first pair of jeans that I buy when I lose that final pound of baby weight. Heck, I’m so eager to try them, that I might keep the weight on so I can dry Erika’s dream denim ASAP!

Erika Girardi's Favorite Jeans

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