Erika Girardi’s Sunglasses in Dubai

on Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

So, I know many of you are dying for me to find Erika Girardi’s Season 6 Reunion makeup / lipstick details, and many of you were dying for me to find Erika’s gold sunglasses in Dubai. And, as I’ve assured everyone, I’ve been looking long and hard for both. In fact, I tweeted Erika about these sunnies and went as far as to tweet her makeup artist about her reunion look, in addition to reaching out to PR firms. But, in Beverly Hills, everyone in BH is kinda a big deal and pretty busy—including her makeup artist Scott Barnes—so it’s generally hard to get a response or even find the right people. However, after lots of digging for her shades, I’ve finally got the answer to at least one of your undying questions, the good old fashion way—Instagram. So here’s to hoping the streak continues and I can answer the other…

Erika Girardi's Sunglasses in Dubai

Erika Girardi's Gold Shield Sunglasses in Dubai

Sunglasses: Vintage YSL

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