Erika Jayne’s Rose Crown in her RHOBH Interviews

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Erika Jayne’s Rose Crown in her RHOBH Interviews channeled her amazing “Disney Villain” look. Honestly the amount of effort that goes into transforming into Erika Jayne on a daily basis seems exhausting. I’m in a musical and a good year is one where I have less than four costume changes. It seems like Erika has four costume changes minimum per day. I suppose if you have a 24/7 glam squad putting it all together, and you’re the subject of their magic, it may be more fun.

Speaking of fun, the aforementioned musical I am in is a musical for attorneys in Chicago who gave up their dreams of Broadway fame and settled for a life of convincing Jurys to find for their clients. One of my close friends worked for a huge law firm. One day she mentions in passing, “I had a work dinner at this guy Tom Girardi’s house.” If your heart just stopped, that’s how I felt. I mean, who cares about Tom, the barrage of questions I had for her following up that nonchalant statement took hours. Was his wife there? What was she like? What did she wear? Was she nice? OMG tell me everything! Sadly she did not pay attention to what clearly was the most important part of that dinner. She did say she was a gracious and normal host, with no flower crown to be found, which seems so boring! How crazy is that??

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Erika Jayne's Rose Crown in her RHOBH Interviews

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