Marysol PattonReal Housewives of Miami star Marysol Patton is far from your typical Housewife, Real or otherwise. She’s a successful career woman with a calm demeanor and no time for games. She took the time to sit down with and gives us the scoop on the one thing that makes her lose her cool, the latest on her relationship with Lea Black and the fashion secrets that have kept heads turning in her direction as a high profile figure on the Miami scene for years. Take notes ladies, a Housewife with this type of expertise only comes along as often as Bravo dinner party without any drama.

BBH: You have an extremely successful career in Public Relations. Did that prepare you for being thrust into the spotlight as a Real Housewife?

MP: Yes. In my business I’ve always been in the public eye, photographed a lot and featured in magazines. People have always gravitated to me for friendship and have always wanted to attend The Patton Group events. Now the difference is that strangers stop me for pictures, and my photo is in entertainment magazines, not just publications in Miami and New York.

BBH: As one of the original Real Housewives of Miami cast members, how was your experience filming Season 1 in comparison to Season 2?

MP: In Season 1 we had totally different producers and filming wasn’t as strategically mapped out as it was for Season 2. Season 2 production was more strategically organized. Last time the cast all filmed together, and it was very rare that we filmed separately. This time we filmed a lot separately, and they didn’t put us all together as a group. There were so many of us it was hard to get to know everyone. We got to know each other after (filming) because we reached out to each other since we didn’t get to talk as much during the season.

BBH: Although you are put into confrontational situations on the show, it seems that it’s not really your nature. How are you able to stay cool and calm when in you are in the midst of the drama?

MP: I don’t know. I always say to Alexia “I wish I was you, I wish I could blow my stack. You’re so much better for TV then I am!”

When I speak I always speak in the same, calm tone. I can’t say I’ve never yelled or freaked out, but normally it happens to me when I’m in a relationship with a man (laughs). They really take me to that other level! When I’m dealing with women and stupidity, I just don’t go there.

PR is one of the most stressful jobs that exist. My employees are stressed out all the time and I always have to calm them down, pull everyone down from a ledge and reason with them. I’m used to being the one that calms everyone down. Keep it moving, keep it moving!

BBH: I think that’s great. When you look back at yourself on the show down the road you won’t have to be embarrassed.

MP: I wish I would lose my cool and say reckless things, but it doesn’t come out of me! It’s painful for me to be mean. I get irritated when I watch myself. I say to myself “You look like you are guilty and just giving up!” But it’s just my delivery.

BBH: It looked like you and Lea Black had actually come to some sort of a resolution during dinner in Bimini, but at the reunion we see you are no longer on good terms. What happened?

MP: At dinner in Bimini I didn’t realize how much trash-talking she had been doing about me during the interview segments on the show. When I watched the show and saw all of that I thought it was a little too much. Even if she was upset it all happened two years ago, the punishment didn’t fit the crime.

I don’t have a wealthy husband, I work hard. I was crushed. She didn’t realize the type of damage she was doing to my business with everything she has said (in tears). My employees work so hard and they get so upset when they see what she says. I know she did it because she had to have a reason to be there (on the show) and she had to have a gripe with someone. I was the only one she had a history with, and I think people believe her because she speaks louder, stronger and with more anger then I do.

I will never forgive that she did that to me on television.

BBH: Speaking of the reunion, we love your dress. Can you give us details?

MP: I am wearing Gabriella Arango, she is an Italian designer here in Miami and she makes beautiful couture dresses and wedding gowns. It’s a beautiful, beautiful red lace gown. Everyone thought that I was wearing Valentino.

BBH: As we have seen this season, your reunion dress isn’t the only beautiful piece in your wardrobe. How would you define your personal style?

MP: I definitely like to wear things that look artistic and couture, but not too revealing. My style is current, but classic.

BBH: Where do you do most of your shopping and who are your favorite designers?

MP: I buy almost everything online. I don’t have time to go to stores. I know what looks good on me and I know my measurements. I can’t think of a time that I have ordered something and have had to send it back.

I wore a lot of Emilio Pucci this season, it’s a brand I’ve worked with for a long, long time. I also like Cavalli, I’ve worked with them for over a decade. They actually just sent my mom and I a box of clothes and sunglasses.

BBH: Which online shopping sites are your favorites?

MP: I cruise around EBay a lot. I use Shopstyle to search if I want something specific.

BBH: What are your must-have makeup products?

MP: I really like this new cover-up by Dior. It’s almost like airbrush, it’s really nice. It’s very even and you don’t need a lot. It dries matte so you don’t need powder.

I also use a lot of crème blush and eye shadow. All of those powders make you look older and make your wrinkles come out. And I use the Benefit Tint on my cheek and lips.

BBH: What is your favorite item in your closet?

MP: I’m going to get in trouble for this one (laughs). I have a beautiful fox handbag that the CEO of Tod’s gave me. It’s beautiful and I just love it. I was dying to wear it all season, and I didn’t out of respect.

BBH: If a girl is on a budget can splurge on one item, what would you suggest to her?

MP: Sometimes you can get away with wearing dresses that aren’t expensive if they have nice, clean lines. They can still look elegant. But it’s all about the accessories. Nice sunglasses and shoes are great, and jewelry is very important. If you are going to wear costume jewelry make sure it isn’t too over the top, so it looks real. The more real it looks, the more elegant your ensemble will come across.

And if anyone knows how to come across as elegant, it’s Marysol.

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