Jaimie Hilfiger doesn’t sit back and rely on her famous last name to create her path in life.  Fashion may be in her blood (her uncle is famed designer Tommy Hilfiger), but she has worked hard to create her own career with her wide variety of industry related talents.

Starting out as a model at a young age, Jaimie has since branched out into journalism where she is making a name for herself with her work in major publications. Her fashion commentaries are regularly featured in Fox News Magazine, The Huffington Post, US Weekly, and on her own blog, just to name a few, and she is right on point with her styling advice and picks. 

BigBlondeHair.com was lucky enough to catch up with Jaimie for the scoop on her current projects, which include talks of a Reality TV show, designing and an exciting jewelry line collaboration, and found that her laid back demeanor and fun personality are just the cherry on top of this fabulous fashion icon.  Enjoy one of our most insightful and fun editions of The Style 6 to date. 

BigBlondeHair.com: You give great styling tips in you celebrity style column for Fox News Magazine, as well as in your work for other big-name publications. Which celebrities do you feel that women should take a fashion cue from in 2014?

Jaimie Hilfiger: In today’s world with all of it’s instant gratification celebrity fashion is really evolving.  Celebrities are really pushing the fashion envelope because they are being constantly photographed and uploaded by photographers and themselves!  I find it very fascinating to pull inspiration from celebrity style because celebrities are receiving the greatest and latest from designers and stylists.  My biggest fashion role models are Jennifer Lopez for her ultra glam style, Olivia Palermo for her stylish chic approach, and Victoria Beckham for her classic haute couture wardrobe.

BBH: We love that you are a model, but not just a pretty face. How did you make the decision to embark on fashion projects off of the runway?

JH: I’ve said before many times in interviews, that being a model these days is more than just being on the runway.  Unfortunately modeling doesn’t last forever and as women, it’s important to establish ourselves in good standing for the future.  I have such a love for fashion and come from a very strong fashion background that I decided to embark on style commentary for many big-name publications and websites.  Many TV networks and production companies have also approached in hopes of doing a reality show.  This is something that I am strongly considering I’m just waiting to find the best fit.

BBH: Your collaboration with Tanus Designs features some gorgeous, yet affordable pieces! What drew you to working with the line? 

JH: It’s essential to believe in the company and products that you associate yourself with.  When I was introduced to Tanus Designs, it was an immediate connection.  After viewing their unique and original designs I totally fell in love.  They offer some of the prettiest statement necklaces that I have ever seen for the fashionista on a budget.  It’s very important to invest in expensive core jewelry pieces but trends are constantly evolving so it’s very helpful to have such a wonderful online boutique such as Tanus Designs.  To see their gorgeous collection visit tanusdesigns.com.

BBH: You are shopping and your dressing room is full. What store are you most likely visiting?

JH: NYC is my hometown so I have to say, Bergdorf Goodman.  If you are familiar with the store, no explanation is needed.  For the readers who are not familiar with Bergdorfs it’s the most fabulous luxury goods department store in the world!  It’s aesthetically pleasing and exquisite making your shopping experience more enjoyable than it already is!  When visiting NYC, make a stop at Bergdorfs.  You won’t be disappointed.

BBH: Since you’ve done a lot of modeling we have to ask; what are your best tips for girls who want that perfect pose, even if it’s just for an Instagram pic?

JH: Perfect posing takes practice.  First I recommend practicing in your mirror.  Find your best angle and side (everyone has one).  Next choose your expression, ‘Do you look best with a big smile or something more sultry?’ And in the words of Tyra Banks, Smize, Smize, Smize (smiling with your eyes).  It really translates on camera well!  It’s important not to have blank eyes with no expression.  Lastly, exude confidence.  Be sure to be yourself and don’t worry about what others think!

BBH: What are your favorite Spring 2014 trends? 

JH: There are so many Spring 2014 trends that I am excited for!  First I love pastel colors!  I’ve never been one to wear bold colored clothing so I am in love with the baby pink, mint green, and lavender shades that I am seeing all over.  Definitely more of my kind of color palette.  Also I’m really excited for the sporty chic tennis skirt look.  I guess being a former Catholic School Girl I’m drawn to pleated skirts and I’ve seen some beautiful ones in the Victoria Beckham Spring 2014 Collection.

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