Fab Fall Look: CC Graphic Tee Under A Blazer

October 31, 2012-

By Lauren

It’s common to get tons of compliments of a fabulous dress or a great handbag, but to wear a tee that makes people green with envy is a whole different story.  It takes a special tee to make people stop you in public and ask where to get it. And this dripping CC tee is the one to do just that and it’s a style that everyone can pull off. Hate your arms? Throw on a blazer. Love your arms? Take off the blazer. Love leather pants? Rock it on top. Hate leather pants? Rock it with some denim. This wallet friendly, statement making tee is where it’s at for everything from date night to lunch at the mall. Order now yours before it sells out, like it did the first time. And don’t C-Call me C-Crying if you don’t C-Care to listen.

Must Have – The Dripping CC Graphic Tee From ReveBoutique.com

Dripping CC Shirt Akria Blazer

Chanel Dripping CC Shirt

Chanel CC Tee $39 ReveBoutique.com

Other Tee’s Available at ReveBoutique.com Tee’s

Chanel Dripping CC Tee Top Shirt

Tops $39  and Up ReveBoutique.com


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