FabFitFun Spring 2019 Box Review

April 11, 2019-

By Lauren

FabFitFun Spring 2019 Box Review

Real Housewives Fab Fit Fun

Here at Big Blonde Hair you know we’re obsessed with all things Real Housewives, which is why  I had to get my hands on the Housewives-approved FabFitFun Spring 2019 box. Sure, you hear everyone saying they subscribe, but I actually used to be a writer for their site, so my ties go back a long way. If you need proof, you can totally do me a favor and google my old unboxing videos where I was 5 years younger and 20 pounds lighter; I’d love it. Having that experience I can tell you, their boxes have just gotten better and better throughout the years!


I love the Spring box because it provided me with so many things I need in my life right now pertaining to beauty and wellness for only $49.99. And as someone who looks at beauty and fashion online all day, I have so much information I sometimes have a hard time pressing “Add to Cart” and making that actual choice on something I need. For example, I was so excited to see the Dr. Brandt’s eye cream because I’ve been working a lot and have major under eye circles and puffiness. I was looking for an under eye cream but had no idea where to start, and I’m loving this product. Then there is the perfect S’ip by S’well water bottle to tote, and I need to hydrate better so this is spot on. And when I saw a pair of sunglasses from one of my favorite brands Quay in there, it was like the icing on the cake! The box is filled with well over $200 worth of products, and the total price doesn’t even cover what you’d buy Quay sunnies for on their own!


If you haven’t tried a FabFitFun box for yourself yet, I definitely think you deserve a treat. And when the treat helps with health and wellness, it really doesn’t get any better or any more necessary.


UPDATE: The Spring 2019 Box is SOLD OUT! FabFitFun + Big Blonde Hair are extending a *secret* offer to new members – Follow this link to reveal your deal & get on the list for the next box!


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


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  1. Liz Pace says

    I have been so excited to get my first box then when it came I got a robe that was like extra small and I am extra large they knew my size because I told everything about me then next time I got another robe extra small they just send you leftovers you do not get the things that you answer questions to what you want were just getting random things that you don’t even use I haven’t been happy yet I’m sorry I hear that only the rich and famous are the ones to get the first dibs that’s sad we all pay the same price the stuff they do send me my skin Burns red I’m allergic to everything they send me and I told them my skin was sensitive you would think if you’re paying for a $200 box there would be something in there that would be worth the money sorry that’s just me

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