Fake It Til Ya Make It: 5 Amazon Items That Help You Look Better Before You Hit Your Fitness Goals

January 4, 2021-

By Lauren

Fake It Til Ya Make It:

5 of My Favorite Amazon Items That Help You Look Better Before You Hit Your Fitness Goals

I’m not gonna lie, I am 15 pounds up from when we rang in 2020, and it ain’t muscle. And if you’re reading this I bet you can imagine where I’m at as I start the obligatory “New Year, New Me” health kick. And while I don’t think beauty comes in a certain shape in size, I know I’ve developed some unhealthy habits I need to kick and would like to fit in my clothing, which is going to take a bit. When I was in my early 30’s I could lose it at the drop of a dime, but over the past two years it just doesn’t happen easily for me.

Now that I’ve moved away from Chicago winters I don’t entirely get the option of hiding until I feel healthy again and now I have to show myself on Closet Confessions, where I need to feel my best. So there are some special, affordable products I use that give me some easy little tweaks to help me feel confident. I just wanted to share these products I use to make me feel and look my best at the current time for those of you who might not feel your best either (spoiler: you look 100x better than you thinkalready), ’cause it’s 2021 and we’re in this together!

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The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


5 of My Favorite Amazon Items


1 // Chin Slimming Mask

If you follow my personal or Big Blonde Hair Instagram you’ve probably seen me talk about these fab, affrodable chin masks. While the results may not be as dramatic as the before and after photos with the product, they definitely work, and I’ve been told by people I’ve recommended them to they feel the same. If I had to pick one item on this list to get, it’s these! They help reduce double chin noticeably.


 2 //Spanx Leggings

This one is like beating a dead horse, but all leggings are not created equal. And if you don’t have a pair of Spanx leggings (or 5) you are really missing out. Cheaply made leggings can be really unflattering (I’m wearing some now) and these can make a world of difference. If they’re a splurge in your book they’re one that’s worth it.


 3 //  Shapewear Bodysuit

I like to layer this shape wear bodysuit under just about everything to smooth things out when I leave the house. It’s affordable and nips and tucks. I’ll even wear it with a cardigan or blazer over it and pants/leggings. I now own a couple.


4 // St. Tropez Express Tan // Applicator Mit

When I’m tan I feel like I look better (even if I don’t). And feeling like I look better is half the battle. I’ve been using St. Tropez since my oldest son was born almost 11 years ago, and it’s worth the splurge. Application takes practice like anything else, but I say go for it. I use the Express version because undoubtedly I don’t have much time between the dog inevitably, drooling on me, washing the dishes or a rain storm whenever I use it, but I’m also a fan of the other, slow-developing mousse products as well. I have recently also started keeping the remover on hand just in case!


5 //Gold Eye Mask

While I’d like to say these totally erased dark circles, they don’t. But they’re a good inexpensive product that makes my skin feel more moisturized while I apply eye makeup. I love a mask because it makes me feel like I’m doing something for my skin even if I’m not, but I don’t always like to spend big bucks on them when I’m not totally sure what is actually making a difference for the price!



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