Think your days as reigning flip-cup champ ended when the Dean handed you your college diploma? Wrong! The 4th Annual Team Monkey/Drinking Illini Flip Cup Tournament is Saturday April 16th at Joe’s On Weed Street (Chicago). This time it’s guilt free because you won’t gain back that Freshman 15 in one day and, more importantly, participants will be playing to benefit Clearbrook and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

How is this fashionable? The answer lies in the team uniforms and team names, which are taken as seriously as the tournament itself. Think of it like Halloween…An excuse to get dressed up in a cute, sexy outfit and not get booed out of the bar! And guys, show the ladies how charming you are by finding that hilarious uniform that all the ladies will be asking you about. And make sure it’s good, because 5 now married couples MET playing flip cup at this event (Click her immediately to sign up single guys and ladies) AND prizes will be awarded for Best Team Name, Best Uniform and All-Around Best Team.

Sound like fun but need some creative ideas on how to keep it cute? Try:

Team Sheen “Winning” (Co-Ed Team): One male will dress up as Charlie Sheen in a fedora and bowling shirt with vial of Tiger Blood (water with red food coloring) around their neck. Any females in the group can be “Goddesses” with blonde wigs, tight tanks and tight, low-rise jeans. Any other males in the group can get in on the action by dressing as Max and Sam (Sheen’s twin sons) by wearing adult onesies and drinking beer out of bottles or by suiting up as Tigers.

Team Flipt-uation “Tossin’ Grenades” (Male Team): Throw on some wife beaters, Ed Hardy hats, gold chains and aviators. If you have any females join, make them a Snooki by creating the perfect pouf via hair-teasing and sunless tanning (I suggest buying the cheapes brand of sunless tanner in the darkest shade for this look!) until they’re orange.

Team Britney “Flip Me Baby One More Time” (Female Team): Dress up as Britney in all of her famous costumes/outfits (Schoolgirl, Red Pleather Bodysuit, Barefoot in cut-offs with a Starbucks cup full of beer in hand, Skimpy outfit with a fake snake wrapped around you, pink wig, ringmaster). The possibilities are endless! If any males tag along, have them wear a white tank with a pillow thrown under it for pounds, put on some costume-y gold chains and make them K-Fed‘s. If they’re not into that, try for Justin Timberlake ala N’Sync, or her first husband!

Team Jolie-Pitt “We’ll Take Your Firstborn” (Co-Ed Team): One male team member will dress up as Brad Pitt (Wear a hat, grow a goatee/scruff, or even model yourself after Tyler Durden ala Fight Club) and one female team member will dress up as Angelina Jolie (It will be more fun to dress as young, crazy-Angie) with a black dress, red lipstick and a vial of “blood” around theirneck, and everyone else will dress up like their hoards of kids. Have 2 people dress up the same to represent the twins, Knox and Vivienne, and throw a faux-hawk on someone to represent Maddox.

If you don’t drink but would still like to get in on the action and volunteer, email [email protected] or come as a spectator and cheer on your friends. And living out of state is no excuse. If you’ve never attended a drinking event in Chicago you’ve never been to a real party. Ask the other out-of-state participants who travel in yearly to attend this event.

For details on how to register or more information, visit This time, don’t be fashionably late.