Okay so this is the FIFTH installment of Friday Fashion Face Off: Outfit of the Week. It is a taddddd late thanks to my attendance at a “Rosè All Day” party hosted by my gorgeous friend, blogger and stylist extraordinaire Helen Berkun, who likes to make me think I’m on the RHOBH and that I don’t need to work on a Friday.  Thankfully Sally is on the straight and narrow and saves her cocktails for later in the day so I could get this done quickly once the bubbles left my body! Cheers to another great week of Reality TV fashion, but not with too much rosè because i hear it makes you (me) lazy.

Sally Says:

This week Kathy Lee Gifford’s off the shoulder tunic was the win for me. I would wear this shirt, she wears this shirt, my mom has this shirt… it’s a universal classic. Although it came out last year, they keep refreshing colors but the white one is in endless supply and seems to be here for the long haul. I think it’s one of those trendy shirts that is appropriate for any age, any size, any bust, and any occasion. And it has the cute bows on the sleeve for the extra flirty detail.

I normally shy away from wearing off the shoulder and strapless items and I’ll tell you why: I was working out with my trainer and she looked at my traps (the muscles on either side of my neck) and asked “Sally, did you play sports in college, because you have really manly traps!” The theater kid in me died a little that day and I immediately quit boxing. She meant it as a complement, I did not take it as one. However the traps have subsided and I think this is the item I’m going to reincorporate exposing them for.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Kathy Lee Gifford's White Off The Shoulder Blouse On The Today Show

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Lauren Says

Chelsea Meissner’s camo v neck tee is my favorite outfit of the week—after all, I’m wearing a striped version of it right now. Real talk, I literally took it off before bed, and threw it back on in the wee hours when baby Valentino was ready to start his day. They are so comfortable they could pass for PJ’s and as I mentioned, are my tee’s of Summer 17! Plus since our girl Chelsea is wearing them, we know they’re super cool.

I’m telling you, trying these affordable tee’s will not disappoint. As someone who started the Spring spending twice as much for a basic v neck by Monrow (a brand I love for novelty tee’s too), I would have never gone that route if I had come across these first. And interestingly (to me anyways), I first came across Chelsea’s camouflage tee on a fun girl’s shopping trip with my nieces Kate and Mary in a store meant for people much younger than I. Guess what? I did the walk of shame right back in that place a few weeks later—without my nieces in tow for the “It’s okay I’m in here, I’m with them and they’re young and cool” buffer—and scooped up two more colors. Don’t get me wrong, these tee’s aren’t just for teens and can even be found at places like Shopbop.

While I’m changing into a clean version of mine to throw on with my cutoffs for Little Mark’s baseball game, you should start shopping ASAP whether you need something to wear for a casual Saturday day orrrr crabbing….

Chelsea Meissner Camo V Neck Pocket Tee

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