Fashion Friday Face Off: Outfit of the Week

In week 6 of Friday Fashion Face Off: Outfit of the Week, Sally Steele and I will once again pick our fave item of the week and plead our case as to why it’s the one to love. And with SO MANY posts this week it was hard to choose, but somehow we found the strength to pull through and do it. With that, cheers to the weekend and a fabulous week of fashion.

Sally Says:

This week was a doozie with TONS of amazing finds. For my dream closet, I would add Gwyneth Paltrow’s looks from the today show yesterday (both Gucci dresses, of course). For makeup, Dorit Kemsley shared an awesome Dior color that looks good universally. Savannah Guthrie had on my ideal #powersuit that I’d love to rock to court one day, and Brandi Cyrus wore adorable pink sneakers on Cyrus vs. Cyrus last night. My favorite look was really hard to choose!

But the winner that inched forward is something I see myself wearing over and over and over. I have Equipment blouses in tons of colors and prints and it is my favorite go-to for jeans, work, and a night out. But earlier this week Kourtney Kardashian and Stassi Schroeder both wore a blue silk pajama top with their own twist that I definitely can’t wait to try out. When my uber stylish BFF first sent me a selfie that she took wearing the new trend (months ago, may I add), I was perplexed and responded with a big thumbs down. But over the last few months as the style became more prevalent it really grew on me (like most things my BFF sends me do), and I am now ready to jump in head first.

So on the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashian, we saw Kourtney wear the blue top tucked into boyfriend jeans for a casual dinner look. The best part? She embroidered her name on the breast pocket. Loved that twist! Stassi went for the more traditional use of the shirt by wearing it on her insta story as a true pajama top while talking about the shady raccoons outside her door, preventing her sweet pup from taking her twilight tinkle. This look was equally awesome and reminded me yet again that it’s time for me to step up my nighty game. Tell me how you would rock this look!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

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Lauren Says:

There were a lot of fun fashion find this week on Big Blonde Hair. In fact, Sally and I were in fashion overdrive and this will be our 35th post this week (A big big thank my mom for coming in to town to watch my kids for an extra two days and Sally for her dedication to all things Reality TV fashion). And if you didn’t already know this, you have some scrolling back to do, in addition to some serious shopping. While there were a lot of fun finds this week, Tinsley Mortimer’s black and white sequin bow blouse takes the cake for me because of it’s 60% off.

It’s a very holiday-ish look, so I wouldn’t wear it right now, but I think this is the perfect blouse to shop on sale and stock away for next year when the weather cools off. It’s the total cherry on top for a leather or fit and flare skirt, and would be the perfect piece look to hostess a holiday party or even attend one with your 25 year old date. Get it while it’s hot an available, just like the woman who wore it.

Tinsely Mortimer wearing a black and white sequin bow blouse

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